Adult Judo

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Judo practitioners of all ages experience physical and mental benefits through anaerobic and aerobic components. In layman’s terms, playing judo is like lifting weights and running at the same time (Nishimi, MD Robert S.). The mental and physical health aspects benefit all ages and all skill levels. There are no kicks or punches in this grappling art, and the first thing one learns is how to fall safely. With safety in mind, we encourage our players to train at near one hundred percent of exertion with actual people. We teach ground and standing techniques which make judo a very effective form of self-defense.

Standard Class  

  • Warm-ups & Ukemi: [ew kim e] Japanese method of falling without hurting yourself
  • Technical Instruction: throws, pins, armbars, & chokes
  • Randori: free play, which may also be known as rolling or sparring

Background Checks

Atlanta Judo Midtown requires current background checks for all members 18 years of age or older. Background checks must be done through the below USA Judo link, all other submissions will NOT be reviewed. Only serious crimes of moral turpitude will preclude someone from membership at AJM. Once we receive your background check, we will extend the offer for membership. All results are kept confidential. Background checks for other entities are not acceptable.

USA Judo background check:

Age & Experience

AJM accepts beginners of all ages and fitness levels to join, as well as players who are returning to the mat after an absence. We welcome those with little experience and those with wisdom to share.


Competition is entirely voluntary but is a fun and challenging aspect of the martial art. The adults that do choose to compete for AJM compete at local, national, and international levels. We provide USA Judo Certified Coaches for local tournaments, and when schedules permit, a traveling coach for national and international competitions.


We promote on a colored belt system, and handouts are given with specific curriculum for each level. AJM focuses on growth over proficiency. This entails that instead of promoting at predetermined times, we test the individual when they not only have appropriate time in grade but also demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the material and positive attitude towards growth.