AJM’s roots can be traced back to 1996, in a small corner of an aquarium’s store storage space on Piedmont Road. Our humble little club was founded by now hachidan (7th Degree Black Belt) and Atlanta famous criminal defense attorney, Dennis Scheib. We spent fifteen years in that little warehouse behind the storefronts on Piedmont, where we eventually grew large enough to push out the empty aquariums, and take over the space entirely. Eventually, Atlanta too began to grow, and construction moved us from what is now an apartment building across from Grindhouse, to our current location on Faulkner Road. Though we have always at heart been a competition or Olympic judo focused school, we realize that competition is not for everyone, and we pride ourselves on being a school that competitors and recreational players alike can attend and grow. Personal goals evolve just as people do. Our mission is to help our members achieve those goals at any level of involvement. Whether a Jr. player that someday hopes to compete at the highest levels, or a thirty and over player that is coming to the sport for the first time and just wants to learn a new skill set; AJM can help!